Roly-Poly Humans, a Fictitious Social Diagram

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“Roly-Poly Humans, a Fictitious Social Diagram” concept is structured and operates as a diagram. The intersection points, that normally are knots of connection between the paths, are hereby replaced with roly-poly humans, creating a fictional diagram of the context around us. We liken ourselves or we identify with the roly-poly dolls. The precarious balance of the individuals is kept if the connections between them remain unchanged. Verticality becomes permanent only when the “base” manages to reach the ideal weight for each individual. The eye that looks over the society is the ubiquitous force with which we will never be able to have permanent yellow connections. Some kind of connection exists, though, but we fail to notice them because they are unidirectional, directed towards us.

“Our Society” series is focused on understanding human’s behavior today and the social interaction.
Sold by: Livia Geambasu / Price on Request
ID #: OS-002
Availability: Available
Title: “Roly-Poly Humans, a Fictional Social Diagram”
Series: Our Society
Year Created: 2016, 27 March
Medium / Materials: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 80 x 80 x 2
Style: Conceptual / Abstract
Framed: Stretched on wooden frame. It does not need framing and is ready to be hung directly on the wall.
Rarity/Quantity Available: Original, Unique. Never have been exhibited previously in an art show event.
Signed: Yes (Certificate of Authenticity provided)
Payment methods accepted: Payment by Direct Bank Transfer (AMSTERDAM – ING BANK – Romania)
Shipping Options: DHL; www.posta-romana
Additional Shipping Information:
Ships from: Bucharest / Romania

Roly-Poly Humans by Livia Geambasu, 80x80cm, acrylic



Visual Artist

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