LIVIA GEAMBAŞU studied at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest, Romania (Europe), making a statement through multidisciplinary fields: Architecture, Fine Arts, Interior Design, Product Design and Urban Planning. She is an architecture MA and member of The Romanian Order of Architects. She has been working independently, since 2005, in Bucharest.


Livia picked up painting again in autumn 2015 after long years of working in architecture and design. She gained gallery international recognition in 2016 in “Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.)” being between the finalists. 2017 year start with a digital participation in Basel, through Artbox Gallery (ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0) and ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0 in 2018. … London, @Parliament Building and Sutu Palace in 2018 and 2019 and again “Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.)” being between the finalists in 2019 indeed was amazing experiences.

Her work varies from conventional to bizarre compositions, from oil, acrylic or watercolor to ink, charcoal, pencil and has painted murals as well. Art doesn’t exist without creativity, originality and emotion, all joined by that special atmosphere of the creation: peaceful, storming, emotional or the ugly-beauty.
Some of her originals are in private collections in U.S., U.K., France, Basel – Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Taiwan, Iraq, Qatar and Romania.

Livia (2015): “Only recently I started painting again with the passion of the childhood years. I explore continuously new styles and techniques, the dynamics of my work being it’s eclecticism. Subjects are born through my energetic feelings about images of real life. I associate unconventional images, paint moments of the social life of the city and build stories.”


2019 – Present;
“AAJ Architecture Office”
Working exclusively for Architecture own projects presentations, Corporate Branding & Marketing Design Graphics Services; Websites builder & content creator


2022 – January 19/ February 14 > “Royal Echoes” Exhibition < Romanian Architects Union building

2019 – October 8/ October 20 > “Synthesis between Romanian and Universal Spirituality” < The Sutu Palace – Bucharest Municipality Museum

2019 – April 25 / April 29 > “Art Revolution Taipei” < Taipei, Taiwan

2018 – December 01 / December 31 > “Romanian Parliament Building, Brancusi Gallery” < Bucharest, Romania

2018 – June 03 / July 03 > “Leigh Gallery” < London, U.K., New Broadway, Hampton Road, Hampton Hill TW12 1JG, Phone: 0044 020 8943 0786

2018 – March /5-17 >Digital Participation on a large led TV (2 x 2 meter) display in New York, U.S. @ Stricoff Gallery, 564 W. 25th Street, N. Y. (Armory Week)  THE ARTBOX.PROJECT New York 1.0

2018 – February 19/ March 19 > “Galeria de 10” < Amzei Place, Bucharest, Romania

2018 – 2-4 February > Parallax art Fair < Kensington / London / U.K. participating with “Rainbow Curls” and “Violet Pond” paintings.

2017 – June /14-18 >Digital Participation on a large TV (2 x 2 meter) display at  “Jean Tinguely Luminator” exhibition event place in Euroairport >  THE ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 1.0  in Basel – Switzerland

2016 – July+August > “Emotie si culoare” < Elite Prof Art, Crown Plaza, Bucharest, Romania

2016 – June > “Suntem oi sau ne prefacem”  < Gallery, Leonida st., Bucharest, Romania
2016 – April > Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) < Taipei / Taiwan participating with “Summer Eyes” and “Nyhavn at Sunset” paintings. “Summer Eyes” was sold.

2016 – March > “Summer Eyes” and “Nyhavn at Sunset” were collected by the A.R.T. (Art Revolution Taipei). First preview (VIP) took place in “Get Art Museum” Art Gallery/ Taipei / Taiwan

2015 – Oct > Works selected by curators of the gallery Salons Art Shopping au Carrousel du Louvre / Paris to exhibit at 24-25 October 2015 and May & October 2016 (by courtesy of Monsieur Stéphane de Boysson / Salon Art Shopping)

2015 – Sept > Participating at Art Walk Street Exhibition (Hanul cu Tei) – Bucharest / Romania


before 2015:
Worked exclusively paintings for Architecture own projects presentations

Pictura Livia Geambasu

Pictura Livia Geambasu

New York Exhibition Livia Geambasu


Recognition Certificate-Nihavn -at-Sunset

Recognition Certificate-Summer Eyes



Suntem oi sau ne prefacem expozitie-Silent Protest