Living in a Heart (study stage I)

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Title: “Living in a Heart (study stage I)”
Series: Symbiosis
Year Created: March 2016
Medium / Materials: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm:

Style: Conceptual / Abstract
Rarity/Quantity Available: Original, Unique.
Signed: Certificate of Authenticity provided
Location of the Item: France, Nisa

This is a very spiritual Romanian concept because I used the image of “The Sitting Woman” figurine, which is considered in art a masterpiece of Neolithic, discovered in 1953 along Lake Goloviţa, close to the Black Sea coast, in the Romanian province of Dobrogea.

The symbiosis between “The Sitting Woman” in the realistic heart and the use of the “Rod of Asclepius”, the serpent-entwined symbol associated not only with medicine but with health too, creates the idea of a perfect love between man and his wife. Like so, the wife will sit in his spiritual heart forever, a spiritual-healthy link.



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