“Nyhavn at Sunset” / 2015 Taipei Exhibition, Taiwan

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ID #: LGC-001
Availability: Showing in Taiwan
Title: “Nyhavn at Sunset”
Series: Water Scape
Year Created: 2015
Medium / Materials: Tempera on burgundy paper
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 70 x 50 x 0.3
Framed: no
Style: Modern
Rarity/Quantity Available: Original, Unique
Signed: Yes (Certificate of Authenticity provided)
Location of Item: Taiwan

Gallery Name: Past >Art Revolution Taipei 2016 (A.R.T.)
Exhibition Date: April 22-25, 2016
Preview: Opened @ “Get Art Museum” / Taipei / Taiwan

Exhibition Time: More about this item:
”Nyhavn at Sunset” > New Harbour-Copenhagen is in top 18 the most beautiful places in the world to shut professional photographyes. This city place looks like a mosaic in vivid colors. I wanted can overdo the burgundy red color, so, I chosed the sunset moment of the day. The role of the presence of this picture into a space is to give dynamism, power and a warm atmosphere. It is definitely a welcome accent decorating a boring space, maybe too calm and sleepy. It is a picture that does not go unnoticed, wherever will be exposed.

‘I am very honored and excited to announce that it was selected the both of my entries at the most grandiose annual exhibition of Taipei / Taiwan (22 – 25 April 2016): Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) of the section of A.R.T, which is an International Artist Grand Prize Competition (I.A.G.P.C.) This is one of Asia’s top art contests, looking for worldwide masterpiece to exhibit in the Art Revolution Taipei through the competition.

You may check my artwork at letter R from Romania in them website A.R.T. >>> HERE Only 110 are selected, from 4058 pieces participating from 73 different countries in the event.
I invite you to enjoy watching to the presentation video, edition 2015 > HERE
-Livia Geambasu

Later update: Scroll down for the Recognition Certificate for the artworks: “Nyhavn at Sunset”, being selected as a finalist of 2016 International Artist Grand Prize Competition. Is awarded the certificate from Taiwan International Contemporary Art Association.
Recognition Certificate-Nihavn -at-Sunset



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